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Homeschooling Meme

If you get tagged on the internet and it takes you almost a month to catch on, does that make you a doofus?  As the lovely and talented Kimberlee of Pondered in My Heart notes, there's nothing like a meme to help pull one out of the not-blogging slump, though it does take noticing the tag to make that happen.

A brief background to our homeschool -- this is the sixth year I've been homeschooling. My oldest went to preschool and Kindergarten at a hippie, German (ie Waldorf) school. None of the others have ever been to school outside of our house. I'm fully schooling three of my sixth children this year and slowly adding in my almost 5 year old with reading and math lessons.

One homeschooling book you have enjoyed:
Limiting myself to one book is always terribly difficult, but although there are several books, I love and find influential, the book I turn to first, last and most often is The Well-Trained Mind. Honorable mention probably goes to Elizabeth Foss's Real Learning.

One resource you wouldn't be without:
The internet. I use it for research both of new curricula and things we want to learn more about. Youtube videos on history, architecture and science help us round out studies and there are wonderful science resources out there to add to the kids' understanding of all sorts of topics, making them clearer than just our simple experiments or my explanations.

I also find the friendships I've developed to be instrumental in keeping me going, when the companionship of 6 short people begins to wear me out at times.

One resource you wish you never bought:

There are various products that haven't worked out all that well for us. One science curriculum that I thought sounded lovely with lots of books to build and hands-on crafty projects, that I tried twice and both times my kids begged me to stop and never do again. My one venture into Catholic spelling and grammar books was kind of a wasted year in those subjects and everyone was grumpy. But most things I've used have worked out pretty well at least for someone. Sometimes the perfect program for my oldest has been a dud with my next child, but I don't think there has been too much I regret greatly.

One resource you enjoyed last year:
Last year, we had a lot of great hits. My oldest daughter went from hating math to loving it with Teaching Textbooks. We loved studying language, poetry and writing with Michael Clay Thompson's books. My daughter's got a fun introduction to Latin with Song School Latin. And I loved, loved, loved the simplicity of teaching writing to my girls with Writing with Ease.

One resource you will be using next year:

I'm not really ready to consider next year yet. This year everyone seems pretty happy with just about everything, at least most days.  Those things which will be appropriate for use again next year, I'll definitely reuse and now that I've tried my hand at putting together my own history plans, I may do that again (although I've had to revise these several times as we've gone along, already).

One resource you would like to buy:

More bookcases? I have a very hard time resisting the purchase of good and/or beautiful books when I find them calling to me from thrift store bookshelves. Our house may some day collapse from the weight of our library and even my homeschooling friends, who have a lot of books themselves, are impressed by the number of books we have lying around.

One resource you wish existed:

Hmmm...children-safe bottom and lip glue? My days would go so much more smoothly if they stayed in their seats when they needed to do things and didn't chat all day long when they need to concentrate. On the other hand, our days would be a lot less interesting and far too quiet. 

I suppose I would settle for an automatic assignment grader. Or a 28 hour day.

One homeschool catalog you enjoy reading:

It's funny, but some of my favorite catalogs to flip through are ones I order nothing from.  I love the Timberdoodle catalog and the Catholic Heritage Curricula catalog is so lovely and makes it all sound so nicely planned, I want to love their materials, but much of what we've tried hasn't been a big hit.

Tag six other homeschool bloggers!

I can't think of 6 others who haven't already been tagged, but here are the ones I'll add (and anyone else who feels inspired that I've forgotten):

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