Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Mysterious Disappearance -- Explained

I suppose there are probably one or two of you out there wondering where I've been for the past months.  I shall now explain.

My classy children picking Einstein's nose.

It all started with a family trip to Legoland. I'm not sure what got into us. We never say yes to anything, but when the kids asked if we could go to Legoland Florida when it opened, we agreed. It was a lot of fun and when we went, in the off-season and when the park was in its second week, it wasn't jam-packed, lines weren't too long and the rides were fun.

When we got home after a week of Lego-ing and hanging out with my inlaws, I meant to write several posts, but I was exhausted. And then there was Halloween.

A monkey, Legolas, Snow White, Arwen, Hermione, and a Little German Boy -- in case you were wondering.

And then I found out why I was so exhausted.

Indeed. And thus far this has been the most miserable pregnancy I've ever had. Up until now, I've been the perfect pregnant lady in the first trimester. No nausea. Minimal exhaustion. Hah. The rules change when you get old and are on your seventh baby. Now, compared to my friends who spend weeks and months actively hanging over a toilet, I have still had it relatively easy, but I spent many uncomfortable weeks feeling constantly seasick.  The exhaustion has really done me in though. I've been falling asleep extremely early and longing to sleep late whenever possible. I can't seem to focus on much of anything, and that, coupled with an early bedtime, is the real reason my blogging has become non-existent.

I'll try to be back soon though, if I can just wake up a bit.  I have much to say.

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