Monday, January 02, 2012

Doctors, Nurses and Quandries

I hate change. As long as something works, I'm loathe to change it, even when something better comes along. I don't even like making changes when things really don't work. You might say I'm a natural conservative.

And thus I find myself in the midst of a dilemma. My OB has delivered all 6 of my children. I think he is great and I really like him. I've been going to see him for 13 years. But, over those 13 years his practice has radically changed. It used to be a small 4 doctor practice where they rotated you through the doctors so that you knew everyone.

Now? They've moved to a maze of offices you could get lost in. I'm not even sure how many doctors and midwives they have. You never meet most of them and have no idea who will be there at delivery. At least one of the receptionists can't even pronounce my doctor's name. So, it is neither friendly, nor small. And my doctor? He now sees patients one afternoon per week. Meaning that in the next 6-7 months, I can actually see him 3 times. Have I mentioned I don't like most of the other doctors?

But my dislike of the doctors is surpassed by my dislike of the nurses, who seem to see their job as keeping patients away.

This pregnancy has been difficult and different. After this many pregnancies, I had certain expectations about what my normal would be. When this pregnancy felt very different, I called asking for either an earlier appointment or at least an earlier blood draw, to check certain things which run in my family and fit some of my symptoms.

No. The nurse told me everything was normal. Since I wasn't bleeding or in severe pain, I didn't merit any early visit, and I didn't need any extra or early blood work either, but that what I wanted checked would be looked into in the normal course of things when I came in. I was too tired to pursue it and just waited.

When I finally had a check up, I found the blood work I wanted wasn't on the typical panel, but based on family history the doctor added it. And it came back a bit off. I also found out that it is something that given my circumstances should have been pursued as soon after I found out I was pregnant as possible. Thank you helpful nurse.

So though I like my doctor, I'm not going to see much of him. I don't like the practice. But I do want to deliver at the hospital where this practice delivers, and there aren't that many others that deliver there. I hate making changes. I don't want to go interviewing doctors or midwives, but I'm afraid the handwriting is on the wall and the time has come.

And so I keep putting it off, but I suppose I have some phone calls to make.


Anonymous said...

I hate change, too, and I am having to make one. I'll be thinking of you.

Kim said...

I had a similar experience with my ob/gyn after he added more doctors and too many new faces to his office. Also, despite him being a Christian, his office was laced with lots of birth control literature. I'd move if you find a better (smaller) situation. Sorry you're having this trouble, Jordana.

Ellen said...

You might consider asking the labor and delivery nurses at the hospital you like where they go. They usually know a lot about which practices are good and which are horrible because they see so much. I had one nurse say, "We don't know anything about that practice because none of us use it." Hint, hint. =)

melissa said...

Two things...first off, I am so sorry that this is happening to you. I feel your pain (so much of the time). Hope and pray you get it figure out soon.

And also, my blog got hacked, and am having to figure out what to do/where to put it. And here I was all comfortable again! Blah, blah.

My troubles are nothing compared to doctor's woes, but it'll work out. Seems it always does.

You take care, sweet one.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Bruce Beyer delivered my girl. We liked him and his partners. Dr. Rachel Mace was her first pediatrician. We wish we could have taken her with us.

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