Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Takes


Just in case you all got the mistaken impression that I have it all together, the other morning, I found my 18 month old sitting on the kitchen counter, munching on an apple he'd helped himself to as well as a leftover pancake I hadn't put in the refrigerator yet, whilst spooning the sugar out of the sugar bowl into a dirty teacup (with a generous helping for the counter).

Further evidence?  Look what is still sitting on my front porch greeting visitors?

At least the Christmas tree is down and out of the house.


But in good home management news, my husband (note that it was not me, who deserves the credit here) did a massive cleaning of our bedroom and we've managed to keep it clean for two whole weeks.  When something has been a mess and is finally clean, I practically want to throw a party just to show off the lovely clean space. This might have something to do with the facts revealed in the first two quick takes.

We started our school back this week after Christmas break. Monday was difficult. My seven year old told me it was all my fault that she'd forgotten how to do everything, since I had chosen to give them such a long break.  Tuesday went much better though. This week has been the last week in our second quarter. I'm still in the process of writing the plans for the next quarter. It is a slow process which always makes me envy those people who buy a set of plans, buy the books to go with those plans and call it good. But whenever I look at the plans I could buy, nothing quite suits me, and so I go on writing my own. 

By the way, I've uploaded a few more things (mostly last quarter's plans) to my St. Bede's Academy page.

If you are wondering, I still haven't found a new doctor or midwife. What? I still have a pumpkin on my front porch and you expect me to get in a hurry about these things?


Currently stuck in my head, thanks to children replaying it and then singing raucously around the house:


Anonymous said...

I love your "circle time" activities.

Heather said...

I totally understand what you're saying on the clean bedroom..I'm the same way!:)

Kim said...

lol Oh my! Get one of those kids to take that pumpkin off the porch, girl! That thing has got to go!

Hurray for your DH cleaning the bedroom! I imagine everything is an uphill battle for you right now.

I love your humor, btw. Very Erma Bombeckish. ;)

Sarah said...

Totally with you on the cleaning and the video was brilliant! My kids loved it as well.

nicole said...

We just tossed our (rotting) pumpkins in the trash this weekend. You are not alone.

melissa said...

Hey girlfriend. Wanted to tell you that my Contemplative Joy blog got hacked recently (you'll see if you click the link you have that you're sent to some odd place) and I had to delete it. Moved over to and the address is

I changed the name as well. A clean sweep, you know?

Hope your week is wonderful, and that you feel great as well. Time for some energetic days, yes? HA!

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