Thursday, September 06, 2012

A Comeback

I never meant to close up shop and disappear. But a wall-writing/wall-climbing toddler, an exhausting pregnancy, the end of the school year, and a lot of depression, sent me into a spot where I wasn't in the mood to blog or think or do much of anything. I've spent a lot of days putting one foot in front of another. Getting done what must be done. Faking it rather well -- most of the time -- but something had to give and blogging was it. The children, after all, demand to be fed.

Since my disappearance from the blog-o-sphere, we've had all sorts of excitement around here.

My seven year old had her First Communion.

We had another baby. The girls are now in the lead, and although my five year old declared that he was going to call her "Stupid Baby" when he found out she wasn't his hoped for brother, he quickly fell in love when he met her. My two year old loves her not wisely, but too well. We try to keep him from squishing her with his great out pouring of love.

Another school year has begun, with a brand new Kindergartner -- along with an 8th grader, 5th grader, 3rd grader and the four and two year olds running amok -- the baby insists that if she is awake she should be eating.

I'm trying to get by. I don't love the post-baby flab that never seems to go away, the sleepless nights or all the things I should do and am failing at, but many things are getting done and I try to focus on those as best I can. Someone clearly thought I needed an extra dose of patience and sanctification through diaper changing and large family life. Or something like that.


Diane said...

You are far from a failure, my dear. You have seven beautiful, active, wickedly intelligent (even if the second youngest currently applies those smarts to how to defy gravity) children who love you to pieces. If there are cheerios on the floor, well, it's one less thing little guy has to climb for.

((hugs)) You're an incredible mom, no matter what you may think from time to time.

Kim said...

So glad to see you posting! Congrats to your daughter on her first communion and congrats to you for bringing another lovely person into the world!

Don't beat yourself up if everything isn't to your liking. There is only so much energy and time, and you've got the right attitude about where it needs to be spent.

Just glad to have an update! Now, go snatch a nap if you can, busy mommy! (((big hug)))

melissa said...

It's hard. That, pretty much, says it all, doesn't it?

Be sure to take a break, when you can. :)

Sarah said...

Hooray you are back!

Gorgeous children and don't worry about the blog.

Lisa said...

Welcome back, and congratulations! It's so good to "see" that you're back. We are a patient lot. Take care of yourself and your family. We can wait if we must. :-)

Jaclyn said...

Happy you are back! I enjoy reading your blog!

Meredith said...

Even though we see each other in real life (well, occasionally!) I am still excited to see you back here, too.

Neen said...

God must have dishing out these special additions. Our school year was ruined when my health tanked after the surprise of twins after a 5 year break andmom being 43. This school year is going ok as I struggle with keeping two 4 month olds feed. At least with big families we have lots of help. Grandparents came to meet the twins and got upset that the older kids wouldn't leave the babies alone. I am glad they went home so my kiddos can go back to loving on babies! Good luck with school year!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations! You are doing the best you can right now and that is enough. You have a beautiful family!

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