Sunday, September 16, 2012

Favorite Books about New Siblings

We have been through the addition of a new person several times now. Although, I don't actually think kids need a ton of preparation to welcome a new sibling, we do have some favorite books about new arrivals in the family.

1.The Berenstain Bears' New Baby
I don't normally like the Berenstain Bear books. They are too rhyme-y and too preachy. They also tend to portray the dad as a moron and the mom as a genius. However, I make an exception for their new baby book. I love it. As an added benefit, the dad isn't a moron. He's an expert craftsman, who can whip out a new big boy bed for Small Bear in a few hours.

2. Julius, Baby of the World
In this book in Kevin Henke's series about Lily the Mouse, Lily is frustrated by all the attention showered on her new brother, until her cousin insults him. Lily is hilarious (and reminds me a great deal of one of my daughters). "You'll regret that bump under your dress!" says Lily. The drawings are also hilarious.

3. Hello, Baby!
I love the pictures of fetal development. I love that they show the mom breastfeeding. I love that the big brother is excited to have a new baby sister. It doesn't hurt that the new born baby looks just like one of my kids. My two year old loves to flip through this one, point to the big brother and say, "That's me."

4. A Baby Sister for Frances
All the Frances the Badger books are favorites from my childhood, but this one is interesting, because in some ways it touches very little on the new sibling. Frances doesn't think the house is as fun any more now that her sister Gloria is around and she runs away from home to under the dining room table.

5. The Baby Sister
One of Tommie dePaola's, at least semi-autobiographical, picture books. I love the excitement he has about the thought of a new sister and I love his drawings.


Marcia said...

AHH. I agree. that is the ONE Bearstain book I allow in the house. :) In fact it's lost it's cover because of use!

It looks like your hello baby book link isn't right....and I don't think I know that book.

Do you like the Ahlberg books about babies? we love the little cat baby esp. because there is a robot baby in the book!

Jordana said...

Fixed the link. Sorry about that and congratulations on your new baby boy!

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