Thursday, September 20, 2012

Growing Up

My oldest daughter will be turning ten soon. Recently, her interests have been turning more and more to fashion and messing with her hair. Until recently, she was growing her hair out as long as possible. Then she decided she wanted it all cut off. And after a trip to the hairstylist and a donation to Locks of Love, she seems suddenly even more grown up than before. Sniffle. I'm not ready.


Herb of Grace said...

My oldest just turned ten today. Oh my heart. How does that happen? And all of a sudden she's closer to adulthood than babyhood... we've crossed the halfway point. I feel rather old and tired this morning.

Janis Gore said...

Yikes, she does look more grown up.

Handling a daughter that pretty would be a little worrying, I'd think.

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