Friday, September 14, 2012

School Time -- Eighth Grade Curriculum Choices

My oldest is in eighth grade this year. Time flies! We are ending our sixth week of school, and this is shaping up to be a challenging year for him. The work is hard enough that he can't breeze through it without paying attention. I figure this will be good practice for high school and beyond.

So what is he studying this year?

He also is taking piano, and we're hitting some art history watching Sister Wendy.


    Robbo said...

    Welcome back to the 'sphere - I've been resisting mightily asking whether I should move you to my "under the table" category. Know that you're a model of inspiration whenever I get the urge to feel sorry for myself about how busy things are!

    Jordana said...

    Trying hard to not slip under the table, while still saying, "Bartender! Bring me another drink!"

    Marcia said...

    oh thanks for posting this! i forgot your 8th grader was a boy. my 8th grader is reading YOUCAT too. im looking forward to sowing her your link for it.

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