Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthin' Babies

I'd heard tell of a new PBS show Call the Midwife, but forgotten about it promptly, until Betty Duffy wrote about it the other day. I pulled it up last night and watched entranced. 

The world of 1950s poor London women seems so different than my own, and yet as they show mothers delivering babies, I felt myself involuntarily holding my breath, trying not to push on my own, and weeping. When one of the women, who has delivered many a baby already resignedly pulls down her pants and gets ready for another exam, that too seemed awfully familiar.

As much as the world has changed, and thank goodness they forgo the shaving and enemas these days, many things about birthing babies don't change. Love shows up in the arrival of babies and through them the world goes on.

Watch Episode 1 on PBS. See more from Call the Midwife.


Meredith said...

I enjoyed reading the book on which this series is based sometime during my last pregnancy. Thanks for the link to the film version!

Herb of Grace said...

Oh I love it, too!! I'm obsessed by that perpetual sisterhood of birth and mothering...

Karen (in England) said...

I too loved the books and the series, but what staggers me most about the whole thing is that such conditions existed only 60 years ago.. Things have certainly changed - but not always for the best!

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