Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Shoes

This is the year I simply no longer could put off buying new slippers, as became apparent when we had a cold morning last week. Our house is cold. Cold! Cold! There might be a reason that cold and old rhyme. I'm a barefoot girl by preference, but in the winter I wear slippers all the time and my old cheap pairs are completely worn out. I keep buying cheap ones, and they don't last.

So this year, I bit the bullet and ordered the Mercedes of slippers (I hope). I plan to make them last forever (I hope). I followed advice in the reviews and ordered a few sizes smaller than my feet, but they were a tad too small. So this morning, I found myself on a live chat with Zappos about making an exchange for bigger ones.

Some how, I'm a VIP customer with Zappos. That might make me feel special, but I think they say that to all the girls. I've ordered shoes from them exactly three times in 5 1/2 years. If they are looking for me to keep them in business, they are out of luck. Still based on my VIP status, they are shipping my new slippers out pronto.

My feet are so excited!


Amy said...

Those are gorgeous!! Not I want a pair (thanks)... :)

Diane said...

They are indeed adorable. And I, too, want a pair.

melissa said...

The prettiest slippers EVER! Btw, if they accidentally-on purpose send a buy one/get one extra pair, I can email you my street address very quickly. :)

Enjoy them, sweets.

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