Friday, October 12, 2012

Quick Takes

  1. It is hard to get back into the habit of blogging after a long break or else the fact that now that there are seven people vying for attention is having a large impact on my memory and attention-span.

    Usually, I think, "This would make a great blog post. I should take a picture. Darn. Where's the camera? Oh, you used it for a Lego movie and filled a 5 GB card with blurry pictures of Legos that look all the same and you left the camera in your room and can't find it? And look at that mopund of laundry and did the baby just spit up on my shoulder and leak out of the other end? Ack! Get me a rag. Now let's do a reading lesson. Oh wait, you need me to check your math and give you a spelling test -- and what do you mean you wet the bed?" And then two hours later when I remember that I thought of something interesting to say, all that is left is the memory of the passing thought and I can't even remember what that brilliant insight into the human condition (or picture of my cute child) I wanted to post.

  2. Did someone mention cute kids? Here's my beautiful (she'd probably kill me for calling her cute now) ten year old daughter with her newly pierced ears.

  3. There we go -- cute kiddos.

  4. Those pictures were taken on our trip last week to Fall Creek Falls State Park.

    A rare picture with me in it!

    My husband read Simcha Fisher's post some weeks ago on camping and felt we simply must head out on our own adventure. I talked him into renting a cabin. I haven't tent camped since we were in Glacier National Park in 2001 and we only had one small child back then (and I was a young 20-something). I like mattresses and bathrooms even more now, especially with a three month old along.

  5. Today is the last day of our first quarter of school. Maybe I'll get around to talking about what I'm using for Kindergarten soon. Or maybe even discussing what works and what doesn't, and how some days I manage to cook dinner, bake muffins and educate the kids and other days I call my husband at 10 a.m. and threaten to have the kids enrolled in public school before lunch time.
  6. Did I mention my kids are cute? The two year old is also a destructive, wall-writing, wall-climbing menace, who loves music and picks up tunes faster than any other kid I've known. Here he is singing the Kyrie:

  7. And here he is singing Ave Verum Corpus:

    I hear all the true geniuses have destructive tendencies.He's certainly destructive enough.


Christine Falk Dalessio said...

Those videos are fantastic! What an awesome tune to have stuck in your head - at two! Thanks for sharing that ... that's hope, right on the page.

Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who deals with #5!

AHLondon said...

Number 1. Half the insights I lose might be how to express number 1.

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