Saturday, November 03, 2012

Four Year Old Random

A transcript from a recent conversation with my four year old:

J: Mom, you don't wear high heels very much any more.

Me: True. They usually hurt my feet.

J: You should give them away. Unless you have another baby. Then you might need them.

Me: (thinking) ??? As if I'd even try to wear heels when I'm pregnant.

J: (continuing on without even noticing strange looks appearing on her mother's face) If you have another baby you don't need to get married again.

Me: No, they do let you keep the same husband for more than one baby. (muttering under breath) Not that there aren't people who don't seem to understand that.

J: It's good that you don't have to get married again, but I do like wedding dresses. They are pretty, and you can wear high heels.

Me: Ah Ha! It does all come back to shoes.

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