Monday, December 10, 2012

A Free (or nearly free) Wreath for the Front Door

Subtitled: Jordana pretends to be crafty.

I've been making a Christmas wreath for our front door for years now. It's easy and can be basically free too. Free is always good. The only necessary expense is some florist's wire. I bought some back when my oldest child was in hippie German pre-school. He's in eighth grade now. I've nowhere near used it up. Green wire would be better, but I bought this for something completely different and since I have it, I use it.

One also needs a frame. For several years, I used a wire coat hanger as a frame. Just pull it into a circle, pinch the hanging part tight and you have a loop to hang the wreath from. A few years ago, I realized I had an old fake wreath I didn't want to use. I pulled the stuff off of it and now I use that as my wreath frame.

Next collect greenery. I don't happen to have any evergreens in my yard, so I go to Home Depot where they will be happy to give you the stuff they cut off Christmas trees when they trim the lower branches. Boxwood or magnolia would also look pretty. Then just start taking pieces and wrapping wire around them and your frame until you have covered it entirely and it is as thick as you wish.

You can even do this with a baby who grabs everything sitting on your lap, but it is easier if they go sit on a sibling's lap.

Then you can add some decorations. This year I went with a few pine cones, I've picked up and saved and some bay leaves from the giant bag I bought at the Indian grocery store and haven't used up. I just wrapped the wire around the pine cone, used a hole punch to make a hole in the bay leaves and wired it to the wreath.

And when it is done to your satisfaction. Hang on the door.


Robbo said...

Very nice - and of course the purple ribbon is a must!

I've not tried a homemade wreath for the door, although I do something similar for the table wreath. We've got a bunch of hollies that are berrying very well this year, so I've decorated with those.

Jordana said...

Yes, I do try to have the purple Advent ribbon up. I also have a purple cloth on our living room mantle. My main problem has been remembering to change it to the Christmas one when the season changes.

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