Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Penitential Season

One sometimes hears that Advent is a penitential season, but before it began and I made all sorts of plans for quiet reflection, lots of Christmas books, and fun baking, I did not make plans for the kids to be feverish and vomiting the first week. Nor did I think that this morning I would wake up at five in the morning realizing simultaneously (as much as one can do anything coherently at 5am) that the five month old was coughing and breathing strangely and blazing hot.

At 103.1, I was right about the temperature and the cough was terrible. As soon as she got outside—on our way to the Children's Hospital—the cough subsided. I said, "I bet this is croup. I've heard it gets better in the cold." We managed to wait until baby number seven to see croup, which is fine by me. The cough and labored breathing are scary.

After a while on humidified air, a breathing treatment, and a steroid, we are home again. This Advent is certainly a penitential season, but the preparation part is going to have wait until babies feel better.

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Kimberlee said...

So sorry your little one is so sick! Croup is indeed frightening. Hope you are all healthy soon.

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