Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I'm spending the week learning self control and teaching it too.

Most of my children have spent the last several days in various stages of sickness. Stomach pains and low fevers lead to lying on the couch and general whining. I'm trying hard to carry on, doing all the laundry, dishes, cleaning and other tasks, while bringing in extra ginger ale and jello. Sometimes, I manage without whining myself.

My two year old is also in the midst of potty training. Teaching a child to control his bladder and other parts, ahem, is one of my least favorite things. I avoid it and consequently my children are generally older than other people's kids when I finally get around to it. However, when my two year old checked his diaper last week, announced the contents therein, closed it back up, fetched a clean diaper and wipes, and laid down with his bum in the air, I realized that like it or not, the time had come.

But this child is the most stubborn, cantankerous person ever. One false move and I might sink the potty training for a long while. Here is where my self control comes in. I cannot get annoyed over poop in underwear, pee on the dining room chairs, toilet paper unrolled whilst I wait, or any of the other things that make me want to groan, shriek or pull my hair out. My other kids might tolerate my grumps, but not this kid.

So I take long breaths, say many a Hail Mary, and run quickly to the potty and return with chocolate chips and lots of false joy when the puddles aren't too bad. No one ever said self control was easy.


Herb of Grace said...

I am doing the exact. same. thing. this week. So far the only true casualty is a dining room chair-- it will have to be completely dismantled and all the stuffing replaced. What kind of idiot keeps upholstered dining room chairs around when there are still toddlers in the house? I ask you!

Marcia said...

Yeah! So glad to hear another milestone has been accomplished! We had a hard December and went through the same thing. :) Sickies and potty training don't mix the best.

AHLondon said...

I must have checked here the just before you posted. I had 3 kids home sick as well. We could have commiserated. I don't have any more potty training, save my nephew who stays with me two afternoons a week, though.
I love motherhood, I really do. But there is one aspect that I will look back upon with no affection, no hint of humor: potty training.

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