Friday, February 01, 2013

Quick Takes

In reference to her brother, the ten year old announced at dinner the other night, "He's drunk the Doctor Who-laid." But it isn't like she isn't slightly insane herself.

"Mom?" questioned my six year old, "A long time ago when George Washington was alive, did they have to use the old red kind of plunger that isn't as good?" When I explained more, he was kind of grossed out by the standard facilities of colonial times.

Maybe potty-training would go better if he wore the underwear a different way?
Toilets? Potty Training? It stinks. Literally and figuratively. After two weeks of not getting it, I've backed off for a while. I'll keep trying, but I ordered these Flip trainers. Not quite underwear, more like a cloth diaper. They just came today, so I don't know if they will be helpful, but I can't take the urine soaked pants (and furniture) much longer.

Really, my preferred training method is the same as Margaret's, but for some reason I tried to branch out with this kid and I really am wondering why.

The Husband and I have discovered some excellent French movies on Netflix. Not artsy flicks that make one want to smoke in a cafe all day whist wearing black, but movies that are just fun to watch even if you have to read subtitles. First, he watched Anthony Zimmer, which I hear is a terrific action movie, but I don't watch action movies, so you'd have to judge for yourself. Then we watched Romantics Anonymous, in which two of the most socially awkward people you've ever seen fall in love. Hilarity ensues. And finally, last week we watched I Do. When the mother and five domineering sisters of a middle-aged single guy decide it is high time he gets married, he decides to hire the sister of a friend to get them off his back. And hilarity ensues. 

Movies like these will make you forget that you might once have referred to the French as "cheese-eating surrender monkeys."

The fireplace guys are here today rebuilding the firebox (that actually wasn't part of the work made necessary by our little fire, the mortar was just deteriorating and needed to be fixed -- yay! warranty!). We are undecided on what to do about the tile, once that part is done. We can't decide between marble tile (little white ones) or an antique style ceramic in something like gold or celadon. Neither is exactly what is on the other fireplaces in our house, but I think either would be acceptably historically suitable.

I am grateful that today has been uneventful thus far.

Yesterday, I overslept and when I came out of my room, the two year old greeted me with the news he'd wet his bed. Then the thirteen year old came in with a wet spot on his side. He'd slept with the two year old. Later, I found the same two year old sprinkling my makeup all over the bathroom. The eight year old announced her stomach hurt right at her belly button and started crying hard. I ordered pizza for dinner, since my husband was working late for the third night in a row. The two year old peed on the dining room chair during dinner, and as the eight year old kept crying about stomach pain, I began to fear appendicitis. Then she threw up and felt much, much better, thank goodness.  I never thought I'd be glad about vomit, but after keeping an eye on her all night and having no more pain or nausea, it seems to be just a passing stomach bug.

This episode of nausea and vomiting meant that for the third month in a row my kids and I missed our homeschooling group's First Friday Mass and play time due to a sick child. I think I miss it as much as the kids, but obviously no one wants to share our germs, so we stayed away.

Duplo-playing baby cuteness. We start them on Lego products early around here.


Becky said...

I'm not sure what you've tried exactly but I've had a lot more luck rewarding for dry underwear at intervals rather than production. It seems to help them focus on the actual goal as opposed to how many droplets of urine you can produce in exchange for a marshmallow.

Kim said...

Your urine adventures have my sympathies. I've done my time.

I watched Romantics Anonymous and it was so charming! Thanks for the heads up! I watched another one that popped up when I added the aforementioned to my queue called The Women on the 6th Floor. Some nudity, but mostly okay. The usual mild hanky panky of a French film. My favorite part was the Spanish ladies!

Kim said...

"Some nudity" seems to go with every French film, methinks. lol I saw one called The Fairy that was pretty weird, but in a sweet way. Very Napoleon Dynamite-ish in its humor style. I did watch I Do, but was kind of put off by the excessive language (thankfully in French, so only my eyes were assaulted) and the S&M and lesbo scenes, while part of the plot to get the family to hate his "girlfriend", were a bit much for me. But the story was really interesting and I loved many things about it.

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