Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Time to Eat the Doughnuts!

It has become the family tradition to make doughnuts on Fat Tuesday ever since, thanks to Healthy Breads in Five Minutes a Day, I discovered that making doughnuts isn't all that hard. Especially when I realized I even already had a doughnut cutter.

It takes a bit of planning though. First you have to mix up the dough, which I did yesterday afternoon. You need a brioche or challah dough. These are sweetened with some honey, but yield a lightly sweetened doughnut, not the Krispy Kreme style.

After letting the dough rise and chill in the refrigerator, you roll it out:

Cut it:

Heat up oil to instant death levels (360-370 degrees) and fry them for a minute or so per side:

Then roll in sugar:

And enjoy. Today, at least, my six year old ranked Fat Tuesday slightly above Christmas, though I suspect that isn't a long term ranking.


Diane said...

Mmmm. You had me at brioche. My Sunday School superintendent years ago would have monthly meetings at her house for training. As an enticement to attend, she would make home made potato doughnuts. They are more cake-like, but taste wonderful. I have the recipe, but haven't ever gotten up the nerve to make them.

Paczkis, from the Polish tradition, are the big Shrove Tuesday thing around here. My boss brought in a couple of dozen, as he lives near the Polish center. Prune is the traditional filling; even though it's tasty, a lot of people go with the raspberry.

Diane said...

Sigh. Fat Tuesday, Shrove Thursday. I may no longer be Catholic, but I do usually know the difference. I worked almost twelve hours yesterday, on little sleep and with little sleep last night; brain is not engaged, even after eating a sugary paczki.

Jordana said...

After reading about paczki, I always want to try one, but I don't know of any place around here to acquire them.

Jordana said...

And I thought it was also called Shrove Tuesday.

Jenny said...

Pretty sure it's called both depending on where you are. Also Pancake Tuesday.

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