The mother of six children, who knows how that happens and still wonders where they all came from. I homeschool them too. The oldest is eleven, a Lego fanatic, and Little Professor. Next comes the eight year old Drama Queen -- long on dramatics of all sorts, sometimes short on patience. My second daughter, age six, is alternatively known as Grouchy Smurf or the Chuckle Bunny. There is no in-between. My four year old claims at times to be Darth Vader -- I try to channel those energies for good and am considering enlisting him in the Marines at an early age. Is five too soon? My two year old daughter looks at you with innocent big blue eyes, but do not be deceived. She was trained by the Darth Vader wannabe. It's too soon to tell about the baby, but at six months old, he's already pretty active.

I'm married to a patient and long suffering lawyer. We're converts to Catholicism.

We live in a 101 year old house. It will probably never be fully renovated. I garden. I occasionally paint. I have both an undergraduate degree and a master's in German literature, but I have taught my kids no German yet. I also have a master's in Library Science. I do take the kids to the library a lot.

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